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Maps for Genealogy

Recent documents in Maps for Genealogy

Map of Warren County, Kentucky

D.G. Beers & Company's map of Warren County, Kentucky with insets of Bowling Green, Delafield, Smiths Grove, Woodburn, Rockfield and Oakland. This full color map shows the townships. There is a city and county directory of businesses and farms.

Genealogical Map of South Carrollton, Kentucky

Drawn by David Woodburn at age 84 this map identifies the location of various farm buildings and homes built and used by the descendants of John Fentress. Changes in ownership are also indicated. In the upper right hand corner Woodburn has listed the names of Fentress children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In the lower center of the map, he makes a list of South Carrollton families.

New and Correct Map of the United States of North America

Full color map of the United States in 1784 showing land claimed by each extant state and the western boundary of the United States and Great Britain in North America.

United States of America

Map of the U.S. which includes Canada and Mexico and show the extent of settlement in the United States.

United States

Map of the United States showing the Louisiana Territory, Spanish holdings and Indian Tribes.

Boyle and Mercer County, Kentucky

Land ownership map for Boyle and Mercer counties which includes insets of Harrodsburg, Danville, Cornishville, Perryville, Mitchelsburg, Shelby City, Parksville and Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Township boundaries are shown along with city directories.

Johnson's Kentucky and Tennessee

County maps like this one are invaluable when researching family. Counties are easily identified through the use of multiple colors. Extinct towns and roads may be found that give an indication where families once lived.

Cumberland Matheny Cemetery

Map of Cumberland Matheny Cemetery part of the Barkley Dam reinterment. This map was created in order to properly identify all graves to be moved prior to the creation of Lake Barkley. Burials listed on the map include:

Birdsong Family
Bleidt Family
Brayboy Family
Calhoun Family
Cherry, A.J.
Crute Family
Dunnagan, Family
Ferguson Family
Harper, Betty
Haskin Family
Hooks Family
Howell, Lois
Jones Family
Kelly Family
Lampkin Family
Luton Family
McCloud Family
Meredith Family
Oakley, Iva
Peal Family
Pogue Family
Pollard, Ida
Prescott, Betty
Sears Family
Shelby Family
Snyder, Ora
Stephens Family
Thompson, Mancie
Wallace, Family
Williams Family
Wyms, Queen
Yarbrough, Asa

Jo. Hieatt's Farm Map of Western Warren County

Farm map of western Warren County, Kentucky showing the extent of farms and number of acres in each. The following people and companies are listed as land owners:

Alderson, L.G.
Baker, ?
Baker, Mary
Blaney, Jack
Border, ?
Boulton, Fred
Bowling Green Business University
Bradburn, ?
Briggs, ?
Campbell, Jonathan
Cartwright, ?
Cherry, ?
Christian, ?
Conway, W.L.
Craft, H.N.
Crowe, Lloyd
Davenport, C.G.
Davenport, Georgia
Davenport, Ora
Davidson, ?
Deatherage, James
Delafield, ?
Dixon, H.
Dodson, ?
Downing, ?
Dunn, ?
Ennis, Frank
Ennis, J.
Ennis, M.
Ferguson, Mary
Fleenor, ?
Forrester, C.
Gilber, E.M.
Gones, ?
Goodrun, ?
Graham, ?
Harlington, ?
Harvison & Rodes
Hayden, ?
Herd, W.N.
Hilll, T.B.
Hoboy, J.W.
Hobson, ?
Hook, ?
Horn, ?
Horton, F.
Hudson, ?
Hunter, ?
Hunton, E.
Isbell, ?
Jackson, A.
Jefferson, George
Jenkins, C.
Jenkins, J.L. Jr.
Johnson, ?
Jones, ?
Keller, C.
Kissler, B.
Kister, F.L. Jr.
Lashhart, H.H.
Lawrence, H.
Lazarus, Harry
Leichart, H.
Manning, ?
Martin, J.H.
Mayfield, ?
McCoin, ?
McGinnis, Bud
McGinnis, C.
McGinnis, H.S.
McGinnis, J.E.
McGinnis, J.W.
McMurtry, ?
Mercer, G.
Miller, ?
Miller, E.
Miller, E.J.
Miller, W.H.
Moody, ?
Morgan, Cooper
Morgan, J.
Moyer, E.
Myles, ?
Nune, ?
Nutsell, ?
Orange, J.J.
Palmer, ?
Palmer, May
Palmer, T.
Paschal, ?
Perkins, ?
Pierces, J.H.
Porter, R.E.
Possey, ?
Potter, H.
Proctor, B.F.
Rabold, W.R.
Ragley, ?
Reed, ?
Richie, ?
Rigglewood, George
Rigglewood, H.
Riggs, Dr.
Roemer, A.
Rush, Charles
Russell, ?
Sibert, ?
Simmons, L.
Snell, R.
Snell, W.
Spencer, Annie
Spencer, T.R.
Stagner, T.J.
Stone Brothers
Strother, Dr.
Sublett, ?
Sumpter, ?
Sweeney, ?
Tanner, ?
Tarrents, ?
Taylor, ?
Thoams, ?
Tuch, L.G.
Warrener, S.K.
Westbrook, ?
Westbrook, Charles
White Stone Quarry
Whitney, Dan
Wilkins, ?
Willoughby, W.E.
Young, H.
Young, J.W.

Barren County and Glasgow, Kentucky

The second half of the Barren County map shows the large map of Glasgow and a portion of the county as well as the business directory.

Map of Barren County, Kentucky

Land ownership map of Barren County, Kentucky. Includes inset maps of Glasgow, Cave City, Glasgow Junction, Hiseville, Flat Head and Rocky Hill, Kentucky. There are business directories for the individual towns, township boundaries and images of selected buildings.

Map of Madison County, Kentucky

Land ownership map of Madison County. The map includes township boundaries and inset maps for the towns of Richmond, Elliston, Berea, Kingston, College Hill, Kirksville and Waco, Kentucky. There are also city directory listings and population figures for cities and the county.